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Контроль аудіювання 
My name is Martha Glass. I’m thirty-nine years old and I’m a doctor. I chose the medical profession I as wanted to help people and at the same time to make good money. When I was younger I wanted to become a teacher or a nurse, but I soon realized there wasn’t much money in either of those professions. My parents almost didn’t help me, because they didn’t want me to have a career at all. They wanted me to do what so many other girls did. They wanted me to become a secretary, to marry the boss, to have kids and stay at home. Well, I got married, and I had kids, but I have my career as well.
Hi. I’m Billy. I left school when I was sixteen. I didn’t have any qualification. I just wanted to earn some money. I got a job in a factory. I didn’t mind being a blue-collar worker. All I wanted was enough money to take my girlfriend out on a Saturday night. But then they got robots in to do my job and I was out of work. I was out of work for sixteen months. It’s terrible being unemployed. The days seem so long. I finally got a job as an uhskilled labourer, working for a builder. I’m twenty-five no\$. I suppose I should go to night classes and get some extra training so that I can earn more money as a skilled worker can.
My name is George Rushton. I’m a businessman. I’m fifty years old and I’ve been working for the same company for twenty-five years. I think I’ve had a very successful career.
I started work with the company as a poorly paid clerk. I was one of those nine-to-five white-collar office workers who spend all day with a pencil in one hand and a telephone in the other. I hated it. So I was transferred to sales and became one of the company’s sales representatives. I travelled all over the country selling the company’s products and become the most successful salesperson on the staff. In ten years I have been promoted to manager of the sales department. In another ten years I hope to retire with a good pension.

to choose (chose, chosen) вибирати;
to make money заробляти гроші;
nurse медсестра;
to earn - заробляти;
to be out of work бути безробітним;
unemployed безробітний;
skilled кваліфікований;
successful удалий, успішний:       
poorly paid погано оплачуваний;
to transfer переміщати;
sales продаж;
to sell продавати

 Поставте (+),  якщо речення відповідає змісту і (-) якщо не відповідає

1. Martha Glass is a doctor
2.When Martha was younger she wanted to become an actress
3. Her parents didn’t want Martha to have a career.
4. Martha is married, has children and has a career.
5.Billy is a factory worker.
6.Billy was but of work for six months.
7.Billy likes being unemployed.
8.Billy is 25 years old.
9. George Rushton is a businessman.
10. He is 25 years old.
11.George doesn’t have a very successful career.

 Доповніть речення, які прозвучали в тексті, відповідним словом з                     поданих нижче ...

1. Martha Glass is a doctor and she is ...
a) thirty-nine         b)       thirty-five       c) twenty-nine
2. Martha wanted to help people and ...
a) to make good money   b)to travel   c) to write books
3. Martha’s parents wanted her to become a secretary and ...
a) to marry a doctor        b)to marry a boss         c) didn’t marry
 4.When Billy left school he got ajob ..
a) at a factory        b) on the farm     c) at the hospital
5. If s terrible being ...
a) in love     b)unemployed       c) ill
6. George Rushton is a businessman and he has been working for the same                 company for ...
a) fifty years          b) 25  years            c) fifteen   years

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Тестова контрольна робота для групи 317 з Астрономії
Завдання з Астрономії для групи№ 317
http://ru.osvita.ua/vnz/reports/astronom/22670/ Завдання  Астрономії для групи №317
Завдання з Астрономії для групи №317

     Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 305, 311, 301 груп (аудіювання), текст "Oxford" 

          Контрольна робота містить текст про відомий університет та 3 завдання: визначення правдивості/неправдивості твердження, вибір правильного варіанту з 4 доступних та відповіді на запитання.


       There are about 90 Universities in Great Britain, the biggest one is London University. The oldest is Oxford University.Oxford was founded in the 12th century as an aristocratic University.
       The cost of studies in the university is rather high. Students have to pay for using libraries and laboratories, as for taking exams.The university is a collection of 35 colleges: two for women only, the rest are for man and women. There 16 faculties there.         Each college is a completely autonomous body, are governed by its own laws. The largest college has over 500 students, the smallest – 100 students.The academic year has three terms, each lasts from eight to ten weeks. The students have three exams: in autumn, in spring, in summer. Final exams take place at the end of the course of studies. If a student fails the exam, he may take it again. Only two re – examinations are allowed.Within the first week the freshman meets his tutor who tells the student about his plans, the lectures which he must take, about the requirements for the examination which he will take, about the course of reading for him. Attendance at lectures is not compulsory. Once every week each undergraduate goes to his tutor’s room to read out an essay which he has written and discuss this essay with the tutor. At the beginning or end of each term the progress of the students is tested by the college examinations.They pay great attention to athletics at the University. The students are engaged in different kinds of sports, take part in competitions between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.The doors of Oxford University are not open to all. The majority of the students are graduates of private schools, so Oxford University remains an aristocratic university to the present day.

Task 1.Point out if the statement is true (T) or false (F).

1.  The biggest university of Great Britain is London University. 2. Oxford was founded in the 10th century. 3. Students have to pay for using libraries and laboratories, as for taking exams. 4. There are only five colleges for women only, the rest are for man and women. 5. Each college is a completely autonomous body. 6. The largest college has over 600 students.7. The academic year has three terms. 8. The students have four exams in a year. 9. Final exams take place at the end of the course of studies. 10. Only one re – examination is allowed.

Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

  1. The students have … exams.
a) two;   b) tree;  c) four;  d) five.
 2. Attendance at lectures is …a) usual;    b) not compulsory;   c) compulsory;    d) wonderful.
 3. Each undergraduate goes to his tutor’s room …a) once a week;  b) twice a week;   c) three times a week;   d) four times a week.      
 4. At the beginning or end of each term the progress of the students is tested by the college …      a) tutors;   b) students;   c) examinations;  d) freshmen.     
 5. They pay great attention to …      a) athletics; b) studying;  c) football;  d) emotions.      
6. The students take part in … between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.a) concerts;  b) competitions; c) tournaments; d) plays. 
7. The majority of the students are graduates of …a) comprehensive schools; b) private schools; c) single-sex schools; d) boarding schools. 

Task 3. Answer the questions.
1. What is the oldest university of Great Britain?
2. How many colleges are there in the university?
3. What is the cost of studies in the university?
4. Who helps the freshmen?5. What is the majority of students?

Контрольна робота з англійської мови (читання)  для 305, 311, 301 груп.

1. Read and complete with the words from the table.

World, sports, part, Scotland, popular, carry, darts, championships, school, regularly, spring, boat

Today we’ll speak about sport. Sport plays an important 1) _____ in the life of the English people. All sports are very popular in Britain. The British are proud that many 2) _____originated in their country and then spread throughout the 3) ______. The national British sports are: football, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, racing and 4) _____.
Football is the most 5) ______ game in the world. There are two kinds of it in Britain: association football (soccer) and rugby. Soccer played almost in all countries remains one of the most popular games in Great Britain. Rugby football originated in Rugby public 6) _______. In this game players may 7) _____ the ball. Rugby is played by teams of 15 men with an oval ball.
Golf, one of the most popular sports in Britain, originated in 8) _______.
Englishmen are fond of cricket. It is played in schools, colleges, universities. Matches with other countries are held 9) ________. Cricket is a slow game.
Table tennis originated in England in 1880. But the British players are not lucky in tennis international 10) __________.
Englishmen like all kinds of racing. Horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing are very popular in England. The most famous 11) ____ race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge. It first started in 1820 and has been held almost every 12) ______since 1836. A lot of people come to watch it.

2. Say if it is true (T) or false (F).
1)  Some kinds of sport are very popular in England.
2)  Lawn tennis is one of the national British sports.
3)  There are not different kinds of football in Britain.
4)  There are two teams of fifteen men in rugby.
5)  Englishmen hate cricket.
6)  People like to watch the game between Oxford and Cambridge. 

            Учням 317 групи (завдання на 19.03.2020)

Учням 317 групи (23.03.2020)

                populous           [ʹpopjulǝs]            густонаселений
                diminish            [diʹmini∫]                зменшуватись
                birth rates          [bǝ:θ reit]              рівень народжуваності
                widely spread    [ʹwaidli spred]      досить поширені
                state language   [steit ʹlæηgwidƷ] державна мова
                hospitable          [ʹhospitǝbl]           гостинний
                open-heartedly  [ǝupn ʹha:tidli]      щиро
                generously         [ʹdƷenǝrǝsli]         щедро
                diversity             [daiʹvǝ:siti]            різноманітність
                look alike           [luk ǝʹlaik]             схожий
                attractive            [ǝʹtræktiv]             привабливий
                close-knit           [klǝusʹnit]              близькі
                generation          [dƷenǝʹrein]         покоління

Прочитати та перекласти про визначні місця України.

Sofiyivka Park was founded in 1796 by Polish magnate, the owner of the city Uman, count Stanislaw Potocki. This park was named in honor of his beloved wife Sofia Vitt Potocka and was given her as a birthday present in 1802. Place for park construction was chosen rather successfully, there was a small stream , centenary oaks and natural springs of crystal-clear water there. To fulfill Potocki’s plan they needed 800 workers, 10 years and 2million rubles in silver. In 1800 the park “Sofiyivka” was opened first, but the construction works were not finished completely.  In 1832  Sofiyivka Park  became possession of Tsar Nicolas I. In 2004 “Sofiyivka” became a National park.
   Saint Sophia Cathedral is a masterpiece of the art and architecture of Ukraine and Europe. It is situated in the centre of Kyiv. It was built at the height of Kyivan Rus’, in the Byzantine style and transformed during the baroque period. The cathedral was founded by Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise and built between 1037 and 1044.

   The Khotyn Fortress  is a fortification complex located on the right bank of the Dniester River in Khotyn, Chernivtsi province of western Ukraine. The Khotyn Fortress's beginning goes back to the Khotyn Fort, which was built in the 10th century by Prince Volodymyr. It is connected with the names of many historical figures . Now the Khotyn Fortress  is a large tourist attraction.

   Khortytsia is the largest island in the River Dnieper, and is 12.5 kilometres  long and up to 2.5 kilometres  wide.The island forms part of the Khortytsya National Park. This historic site is located within the city limits of Zaporizhia,
   The island has played an important role in the history of Ukraineespecially in the history of the Zaporozhian Cossacks . It  has unique flora and fauna, including oak groves, spruce woods, meadows, and steppe. The northern part of the island is very rocky and high  in comparison to the southern part, which is low, and often flooded by the waters of the Dnieper. Ancient settlements date back to III-II thousand years B.C.
     Kiev Pechersk Lavra also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. It was founded in 1051 by the monks Antoniy and Feodosiy as the cave monastery and was a prominent center of Christianity in Eastern Europe. It became famous as the Lavra monastery in the 12th century and played a great role in the development of culture in Kyiv Rus. The Lavra has good collections of ancient manuscripts, cloth, embroidery, jewellery, ancient icons and the works of modern artists.

Контрольна робота з письма за IІ семестр для учнів 311 305 і 301 груп, складається з двох варіантів (однакових за складністю).

УЧНЯМ 207 ГРУПИ  Контроль аудіювання  AT WORK: JOBS My name is Martha Glass. I’m thirty-nine years old and I’m a doctor. I  ch...